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Realistic head shot
Commission-TearDropsOnLove by fungirl2001
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Realistic head shot only, no colored option.
merms by fungirl2001
Her majesty himself by fungirl2001
Commission-EvilEspressoDrinks by fungirl2001
Actually 5 Points !! With color 7Points  Extra person+3Points 
Full body Digital
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hows it going 

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Alivia doodles by fungirl2001
Alivia doodles
a few quick drawings of my HG oc I did on the bus yesterday.
Alivia Bercater-The 61st Games by fungirl2001
Alivia Bercater-The 61st Games



  • Alivia Bercater Alivia- Varient of Olive, her mother picked it as it was her late grandmothers name.


  • Ali, not for any reason, it just seemed practical.


  • 16


  • Female


       June 20th

Physical Description:

  • Alivia is very tall, her legs making up most of it.  She has a thin waist and very wide hips, flat chested and extremely bottom heavy. Her hands are large and callused from climbing and harvesting for most of her life. She has a scar across her shoulder from falling from high on a tree, getting badly cut on a broken branch. She has many bruises up and down her legs and feet from climbing, and her skin is  a dark pinkish tone. 
  • She has frizzy orange-brown hair that reaches just past her shoulder blades, normally held high in a bun or loosely in a ponytail, she doesn't think she's worn it down since she was seven.
  • Her eyes are an insanely dark brown, often mistaken for black.

  • Clothing Style: 
  • She is normally in denim jeans or overalls or whatever clings to trees best while still having her hands free to cut things down from them. To work she is almost always in jeans and a tank top (and of course a sun hat) and doesn't bother to take them off when she gets home, even though it's incredibly dirty to cook in. She is always barefoot as she doesn't see a need for shoes when she's always climbing. 

Sexual Orientation: 

  • Lesbian


Disorders/Medical Conditions:

Has a panic attack disorder, but she is over coming rather quickly since becoming a teenager. 
  • Traits:

Quick-to react or analize a situation, the sooner she knows whats going on, the sooner she can come up with something to to fix it.
Im-patient-She often can't wait to do anything, thought out plans annoy her, and she makes way to rash decisions. 
Loyal-It's family before all, she'd protect her sister and grandmother at all costs, but is normally strict with them. And she expects it back.
Does not trust easily- Alivia is very aware of her bounderies, attempting to test people multiple times befre letting them in, but once you win her over, she is all yours. 
Confident-Though it doesn't really fit with her in-frequent panic attacks, she walks with her head held high, often through her better climbing skills then most of her age, being able to hang off trunks without her arms. 
Involved with nature-Though it is a very stereotipical ability to have in district 11, Aliva is very good with nature, wether it is with plants and gardening or with animals.


  • Falling- Alivia is terrified of physically falling, a seemingly stupid fear for someone who climbs trees so often, but she is to confident in her ability to be scared of falling from them, but get her somewhere higher then floor level, she wont be there for long.
  • Betrayal-Like it says up there, she doesn't trust easy, but she expects you to be just as loyal to her as she is to you, o if your not it doesn't set well.
  • Smoke/fire, after her small house burnt down when she was young and her mom died in it, she cant look at a fire without having a panic attack.

Pet Peeves

  • lies

Likes: Climbing, her sisters, food, music, singing, trees and nature, sleeping.

Dislikes:Fire, falling, heights, arguments, having to many responsibilities.

Bullet; White = Neutral

Bullet; Blue = Friend

Bullet; Green = Close Friend

Bullet; Green Bullet; Green = Best Friend

Bullet; Yellow = Attraction

Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow= Crush

 Bullet; Pink = Platonic Love

 Bullet; Red= Dislike

 Bullet; Black = Hate

Bullet; Orange = Family

Bullet; Purple  = Respect

Aura Bercater.

Bullet; Orange/Bullet; Blue

Her little sister, they're very close and have been since Aura was about four and she taught her how to climb, she's now nine years old and is practically the younger version of her sister, often following her around and copying her, which can be quite annoying. Though they can get on each others nerves, Alivia would do anything for her.

Celestine Bercater

Bullet; Orange

Her baby sister, she's quite the little trouble maker, but is to young to learn to to climb, since she is barely three yet. Though she can be a pain to take care of, Alivia doing it by herself, she is adorable and keeps their smaller part of the community going with her songs and dances while their working in the fields.

Bullet; Orange/Bullet; Purple/Bullet; Blue

Grandma Digna, she's been there through it all and loves to talk about it. Other then Alivia, her grandmother helps cook and care for the children when she's not to tired. She used to be a teacher and often has children gather around her for  "story time" as they call it. She has always had an amazing connection with her grandmother, telling her everything because who else is there to tell? She was practically raised by her and was given so much by this lady, she is more then happy to give back.

Bullet; Pink/Bullet; Green Bullet; Green/Bullet; Purple 

Feri Grue

Her best friend since the beginning, before she had siblings, before her mom died, she met him when they were climbing and he almost fell from above her, her awkwardly catching him as abnormally strong six year olds do, because he was still holding on with his legs. After that they became such great friends that they were practically inseperable, he slept at her house almost every night for a while, not really liking his, and got her baby sister out of the fire that struck her home. Alivia loves him with all her heart, and would do anything for him, as well as tease him at any given moment.

Game Info

Year Participating: 61st

District: 11

Skills/Talents: Climbing, no matter what tree, she can climb it.  She can also hold on to trees with just her legs of just her arms, which is a good skill to have when carrying fruits down. She is the time keeper for her group of climbers, she goes with the rest of her skill level (the highest one) during the night to get whats left of the fruits down from the tallest trees, or to harvest. She is also good at cooking, and using knives.

Weapons: If anything, a machete or some knives, she knows how to use them.


    It was a good thing Alivia was born in district 11, because her connection to nature was developed almost at birth. As a young child she lived in a small home with her mother, grandmother, and two sisters. Her oldest sister Aura, was not born until she was six, but Aura had trouble talking, and did not speak her first words until she was three. Now at nine, she Is still learning how to read, with her grandmothers help of course. Her other sister was born right before the accident. Alivia showed a great desire to climb since she was a toddler, learning by the time she was four, to climb any trees her little arms could fit around. Before she became a harvester, she would sit at the tops of trees and throw fruit down with her best friend, Feri (barley as great a climber as her), they would also spend the majority of their time race climbing, which was all fun and games until either one of them fell or one of them threw a temper tantrum.

    At the age of thirteen, her house was burnt down by some teenage kids who mistook it for a peace keepers home (it was beside one) and with the help of Feri, her her sisters and grandmother escaped, tragically, her mother didn't. That was when she had to start working hard, to find a new place, cook for her sisters, and keep her job as a harvester. Though she still had fun climbing trees and sitting at the top eating cherries with her friends, her life was overcome with responsibilities. Once she figured it out though, she was able to get back into a routine and teach Aura how to climb, people often refer to her as her mini-me. Without any warning though, she was reaped from the pool, she had started putting hr name more then once a little while back, since it did good for the family and all. She never expected to get pulled into the hunger games though.

I hope this is okay! I quite like her, and now she shall die i suppose. :'(


Does anyone want me to draw something for them, i finished my sketch book, so only digital.


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:27 PM

  • Mood: It's Hot
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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:27 PM

  • Mood: It's Hot
  • Listening to: FALL OUT BOY
  • Reading: book theif
  • Watching: supernatural
  • Playing: life
  • Eating: EVERYTHING
  • Drinking: Your blood


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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:27 PM

  • Mood: It's Hot
  • Listening to: FALL OUT BOY
  • Reading: book theif
  • Watching: supernatural
  • Playing: life
  • Eating: EVERYTHING
  • Drinking: Your blood


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Hey my name is b i'm in grade 8
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here is my tumblr

and here is my happy tumblr, where you can go to see things that make others happy or go put things that make you happy there (please submit :))


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